Customer Experience Management (CEM)

In today’s changing world, knowing what your customer is experiencing NOW is critical. Happy or unhappy, you need to know about it before Facebook.

Our Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs are a LIVE 24/7 listening post across your touch-points, capturing your customers voice, immediately sharing it throughout your organization and driving action to ensure you always improve.

After all, by improving your customer experience you will drive customer advocacy and loyalty and improve your bottom line.

Listen Widely
Go out to customers in many ways, listen to lots of them, across multiple touchpoints
Act Quickly
See problems immediately through hot alerts and gain instantaneous insight from LIVE reporting
Always Improve
Review issues, drive change at front line, deep dive into broader problem areas

Listen Widely
There are many ways that customers can provide feedback – A POS Receipt or Flyer, Email or Text Message, IVR or CATI, Web or Mobile – but what is the best way to request and capture it?

The answer is any or all of these. The most appropriate method (or methods) will ultimately be those that provide the best possible experience for your customers. This may be determined by the type of interaction they have had with you, or it may simply be providing choice for your customers.

Our propriety CEM technology provides true multi-mode survey deployment and capture so your organization (and your customers) have choice.

Incorporating Unstructured Customer Feedback
Increasingly we want to hear the actual voice of our customers – the word-for-word comments that bring the ‘numbers’ to life – but how do we make sense of literally thousands of customer comments?

Smart questioning is the first step. Free text is categorized by the question it is based on allowing immediate drill down to this level. Furthermore, by utilizing our intelligent text analytics platform we determine the nature and sentiment expressed within all of these comments helping identify the root-cause of an issue or highlighting potential opportunities.

Act Quickly
Let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t get it right. When this happens you need to know about it immediately.

If you have failed to meet your customers’ expectations a hot alert is sent instantly to those responsible for service recovery and a built-in closed loop process ensures appropriate action is taken and recorded.

We firmly believe for a CEM program to be truly worthwhile, it must continuously inform actions that drive real bottom-line improvement.

All too often information about your customers and their experiences sit on a server at Head Office, rather than in the hands of those delivering the experience at the front-line.

We provide intuitive, customised, visually engaging, real time reporting tailored to the different levels in your organisation. Through this platform insights are quickly and easily shared across the organisation and opportunities are also created to praise and celebrate with the front line.

Always Improve
Every day customers are being exposed to new service offers, new ways to buy, and new ways to communicate. To keep ahead, a company must continuously look for ways to improve.

By combining best practice research thinking with our leading edge technology, we create CEM programs that provide you with both macro & micro level reporting & insights that allow you to always look for ways to improve – from a corporate to an individual level.

To further enhance the learning opportunities these programs provide, we typically evolve our programs to include deep dives into problem areas, database drill down, integration with CRM and ongoing data enrichment, tracking of customer relationships over time and the opportunity to build a customer panel for research and/or marketing purposes.