Voice of the Customer

Listening and collecting feedback is the starting phase to change and becoming more successful.

Whether it customers, partners, employees or vendors, we help companies obtain independent, third-party feedback from their key stakeholders.

We then analyze the feedback to determine the “story” in the results, make recommendations and focus on the items which are most important to the responding audience.

Customers Partners
  • Profiling
  • Overall satisfaction & NPS
  • Understanding churn
  • Product likes, wants
  • Ratings vs competitor brands
  • Satisfaction areas:
  • – Training process and availability
    – Online content and training resources
    – Onboarding experience
    – Sales, customer success team engagement
    – Quality and timeliness of support
    – Customer/user group events

  • Assessing overall satisfaction
  • Clarity of the program benefits
  • Rating versus competing partner programs
  • Likelihood to remain in the program
  • Program wants and needs
  • Program components:
  • – Sales Enablement training
    – Certification process and resources
    – Marketing campaign and content
    – Program events
    – Event sponsorship programs and market development funds
    – Onboarding process